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Review of Killer Guides’s TERA Manual

Posted on February 1st, 2013 by admin

Known for having a vast coverage of MMORPGs, it’s no surprise that the game guide publisher Killer Guides makes a complete set of unofficial TERA manuals available for game launch.

I’ve personally used some of their guides and found them very helpful. The Killer Guides site itself is more like a library of guides for MMO games. One tip when buying their guide is to take a look at the writer. Each guide are in fact written by individual gaming experts.

I got their WoW Rogue Guide some long time ago and that was, for me, a 10/10 guide. The guide was written by Anima Lucat, who also wrote the SWTOR Strategy Guide.




This round, I was lucky enough to get to join their test reading activity and got an early copy of their strategy guide for TERA for free. It’s not fully complete yet but the current content within the guide shows a very promising guide.

As the guide name suggests, the content coverage are majorly in the area of strategies, such as tips to quickly complete quests, how to take down certain bosses or things like how to go through instances rather quickly (the shortcuts, skills to use, etc). I would recommend this Killer Guides manual to fellow TERA gamers.

The guide publisher tends to make manuals available as single guides as well as part of a discounted bundle. Their TERA guides portfolio that are being made available currently offers 10 guides including class guides, the strategy guide and a gold guide. The gold guide I would recommend for anyone who wants to up their gold keep without resorting to RMT suppliers. Am currently asking to join their test reading process for the gold guide. When I do get access to that, will be posting my findings here. Stay tuned!

Is Elder Scrolls coming in 2013?

Posted on January 18th, 2013 by admin

The Elder Scrolls Online

According to KillerGameDeals, it looks like we’ll get to see Skyrim Online… err The Elder Scrolls Online this year! Knowing how much MMO companies like to push back release dates, I wouldn’t put my money on that quite yet. However, they are already taking beta applications. For the latest news on the game you can also check out mmorpg.com. I guess that also means I’ll have to set some time aside to ‘finish’ Skyrim before ESO (TESO? TES Online?) hits the shelves.

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TERA ‘2011’ Gamescon Cinematic Trailer

Posted on August 19th, 2011 by admin

Check out this astounding new Tera Cinematic Trailer released in this years 2011 Gamescon. In the run for on of the coolest game trailers in 2011 the visuals are simply spectacular. Read no more and click play on the shown video.

If you would like to get in touch with TERA Online, visit TERA Book for Both Beginner and Advancer

Featuring in the video are 8 playable classes: Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer and Warrior. All TERA Classes are unique in their own way. As a quick review, you have healers, ranged damage dealers, melee DPS dealers and you have tanks. Some classes, such as the TERA Priest is not only capable of a supporting role but the class itself can be used as an offensive character if properly equipped with the correct glyphs. The priest is more than capable of performing support spells but the class can cause divine damage, summoned by the class as well.

This is just a taste of what the priest class is capable of. Of course, there are other classes as well which possess the capabilities of becoming tanks, such as the TERA Warrior for example. Quick on their feet and armed with 2 battle blades, the warrior can draw in aggro (though not as much as the Lancer class) and quickly weave in and out of battle. The best strategies for the warrior is wait for the Lancer to draw in aggro and then go in for the kill.

There’s a variety of customization you can do in TERA Online. For players eager to know more about the game, it’s highly recommended for you to head over to this website covering the latest information about the game.

TERA Online Basilisk

Posted on June 22nd, 2011 by admin

This weeks weekly update on the TERA Online Bestiary. Featured beast: Basilisk The Basilisk is an ugly looking, egg-laying reptilian greeting players in large open spaces. From first impressions, the Basilisk is heavily armoured with thick scales defending itself from heavy damage. How do you over come this ferocious beast? It’s recommended to use the TERA Slayer Guide and TERA Warrior Guide as your best choices to defeating this beast.

A more detailed description of how the Basilisk hunts and kills here. More detailed content and techniques of TERA Online see here

Tera Online Gameplay PAX 2010

Posted on June 21st, 2011 by admin

TERA Online is the First True Action MMORPG taking players into a mystifying world of Arborea. Here’s a Gamescom 2010 trailer:

Featuring in the demo gameplay are 8 classes taking on BAMs (Big Ass Monsters). One of the most prominent classes in demo is the TERA Lancer defending against vicious monsters.



Equipped with an almost impenetrable shield and a lance extending far to keep monster away, the TERA Lancer is truly a formidable opponent to be reckoned with. The Lancer is one of the best tanking classes in the game with high defence and agrro drawing shouts. With a durable tank such as the Lancer, other classes can easily head into the fray of battle. Warriors can cause close combat damage, Sorcerers can cast spells from afar while Priests heal the party or revive fallen allies. The Lancer does it all. However, like all tanking classes in most MMO’s, the only drawback the Lancer suffers is agility. Of course it makes sense; heavy armor hinders movement. Though, its really unlikely players will be in a pinch with the Lancer’s high defences and durable armor.

If the Lancer isn’t for you, you can always check out the TERA Sorcerer Guide, TERA Warrior Guide and TERA Priest Guide if tanking is not your style. Check TERA Online Manual for the inside detail of TERA Online.

E3 Tera Online Basic Combat Gameplay

Posted on June 14th, 2011 by admin

Straight from the E3 Expo comes the latest Tera Online gameplay video featuring an interviwe with Producer Chris Hager for the first part of the Online Combat Basics. He explains the dynamic combat system used within the game.

Click here to educate yourself with advanced TERA movement.

E3 Tera Online Trailer 2011

Posted on June 14th, 2011 by admin

A stunning graphical trailer from Tera released in the recently passed E3 2011. Watch this amazing new trailer in HD. The latest Tera Online Trailer is out here straight from E3. Head on to TERA Online E-Book to learn more about this game.

TERA Online Guide

Posted on November 12th, 2010 by admin

Please note that this is a introductory guide to TERA Online. More in-depth content such as gaming strategies, leveling tactics and skills techniques could be found at TERA Online Walk Through.

Tera Online Guides that offers step by step guides to help players more effectively level up in Tera comes in handy for almost any player given the rather high level cap on game release. There are a total of 8 playable classes in Tera Online. These classes are aimed at ensuring that players who choose to play this game finds it interesting and fun.

Each class levels up rather differently thus, understanding what skills and outcomes can be expected from each player at each different level would come very much in handy. Below is a short listing of the skills and abilities gamers can expect from one of the class to give you more insight into what can be expected.

Warrior attacks
The normal warrior will depend on use of lighting speed when in combat. They will attack using perfect coordination with a weapon in each hand. Individuals should emphasize timing and accuracy as the warrior’s attacks are usually light. However agile warriors can dodge enemy attacks by evading them.

Tera Online Warrior

Combo attacks
Every left mouse click slashes the warrior forward with the sword. It can move up to four times with each move slashing to cause damage. Each hit returns some fraction of the warrior’s mana. This is considered as one of the warrior’s easiest but still important move.

Rushing dodge
This is a defense skill that is very important in combat. A warrior can skip forward to dodge an attack using the ‘c’ key. It will however cost a player’s warrior a small amount of mana and will have no cool down.

Blustering strike
This is mostly used in the second level where the warrior will move forward consecutively using hard attacks. This is the most powerful strike that will earn more for the warrior. Players are however asked to wait for a moment when the enemy will not be able to stop their attacks.

Stunning roar
This is available at level six. It assists to give the warrior an upperhand against strong enemies as he gets a cool down of 25 seconds with a cast time of 2.2 seconds.

High level skills
Here the power of the smash increases and the ability to recover after experiencing a deadly blow also improves. The warrior can even stand up and fight even after being stunned. The warrior will get swords that will improve their skills for example the dual sword dance that is learned at level 20, it awards agro as it has hard hitting consequence attacks. Fighting prowess to be able to evade attacks, the warrior class will be the most interesting of levels to play as it is equipped with very light armor.

For more details about leveling in the game, the Tera Leveling Guide is a good place to get more information.

TERA Online Humans

Posted on November 5th, 2010 by admin

The Tera Online Human is not too different from our own species. They are a proud race of inventors, soldiers, and magi, with diverse histories and many nations. Humanity has long fought against itself, vying for total control over the species. Among the races of the Tera Online universe, Humanity is the most divided.

With a history bathed in blood, the Tera Online Human now seeks to forge a racial identity. Once willingly plunged into civil warfare, the Humans now wish to discover new lands beyond their continent, making an everlasting mark on the planet they call home.

Created by the god, Gidd, Humankind rebelled against the creator, fighting the celestial armies that had birthed them. As a result, Gidd placed a terrible curse on Humankind, which guaranteed that the humans would forever be separated into factions of warring kingdoms. No human would ever have a true home. Besides the details shared here, getting a Tera Guide would help in deciding whether your not you would like to play a Human.

The new generation of Humanity has helped to forge the Valkyon Federation to guarantee a lasting union between the mortal races. Solidifying alliances with the mystic Barakas, the proud Amani, and the imperial High Elves, Humankind has worked toward improving their relations with all of the races of the world, willingly acting as political mediators and ambassadors between the races to help encourage a peaceable union for all.

Humans are truly the most diverse race on the planet. Some of the vilest individuals have come from the race of Humanity, while some of the most altruistic and virtuous saints and heroes have as well. Humans serve as craftsmen, soldiers, priests, and many other roles in the world. Above all, they aspire to greatness so that they may one day overcome their curse and unify as a people.

The Humans hope to settle on the Island of Dawn, a distant land recently raised from the ocean depths by a mysterious force. Humanity hopes that they will one day be able to forge a powerful nation of peace on the island, but those days are far away. So long as there lurks an evil within their world, they will rise to defend it amongst their allies with a courage and impassioned fervor rivaled only by that of the Amani.

As a soldier of Humanity, you take up your blade and spells against the enemies who would threaten your peaceful world, reminding them of your tenacity and courage. Peace is not won without bloodshed, as a wise man once said.

Still want to know more about TERA Online? Head on to The Inside Knowledge of TERA Online.


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